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Head to Toe

by Hufflecup 3 months ago in sad poetry
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all back to you

I've got a four-pack habit

I don't need my lungs

if I can't breathe you in

might go blind a little faster

I can't stop staring

and you're bright as the sun

my legs were bad today

I still want to get on my knees

if there is something you need

my goal is to blackout drunk

it's the only time

I get you off my mind

If you aren't there at the end

I would rather end up alone

a feeling this strong

can't just be me


waiting to say how I feel

a test of my little patience

Torture I will endure

to keep you in my life

sad poetry

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I want nothing more than to dedicate my life to writing, so I figured I would start here to test the waters. I will be submitting stories to as many communities as possible.

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