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He Wasn't There

The girl's longing

By PriyaPublished 11 months ago 1 min read
He Wasn't There
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On a darky cold night,

The girl heard a strange music.

Her heart beat rises,

The music attracts her soul,

Like a strong magnet.

Her eyes blinked,

Like a bird flapping its wings.

There is certain loneliness and longing,

In the sound of music.

Her heart want to search,

Mind tries to stop her.

A fierce battle between her mind and heart.

Heart wins and make a stride to move forward.

She take her first step on the dense forest.

On the shivering night,

The music hit like a warm breeze.

She finally find the place.

There is a man sitting on the big rock.

He play a music using his flute.

She moved towards the boy slowly,

curious to see his face.

He turned and looked into a girl's eyes.

Like statues, they both froze in place,

Her eyes welled up, tears on her face.

She reached to touch him, but he was gone,

Her tears flowed freely, she was all alone.

This man, her husband from long ago,

Her soul ached for him, it wanted him to know.

To wipe her tears, she wished he'd appear,

But in the end, he wasn't really there.

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Comments (5)

  • SRenaS11 months ago

    This was so sad! Very nicely written.

  • Smarthub11 months ago


  • Hunter Smart11 months ago

    great poem!

  • PP11 months ago

    Hi! Really heart touching!

PriyaWritten by Priya

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