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He's Just A Friend

Infamous cheating slang

By Dr. KrissPublished 2 months ago 1 min read
He's Just A Friend
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Oh no, babe he's just a friend
But she's low key crushing on him hard
She slides in his DMs, and sends him memes
She vibes with his humor, and feels a spark

He's just a friend, she tells her bae
But he can tell something is off
He sees her phone blow up, and hears her tone switch
He wonders who he is, and what they got

He's just a friend, she lies to herself
But she knows she's caught in a web
She wants him more than anything, and can't say no to him
She's stuck between two loves, and in a mess

He's just a friend, she says to her squad
But they can see through her facade
They know she's cheating on her boo, and playing with his heart
They warn her of the consequences, and how it will end bad

He's just a friend, she says to him
But he can feel the chemistry
He likes her more than a friend, and wants to be with her
He asks her to leave her man, and choose him instead

He's just a friend, she says no more
But she's already made her choice
She breaks up with her boyfriend, and runs to him
She thinks she's found her happiness, but soon she'll regret it

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  • Alex H Mittelman 2 months ago

    They’re always “just friends!”

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