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He Left Me and Took the Dog

by Teresa Renton 9 months ago in love poems · updated 9 months ago
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Courtesy of Teresa Renton (Author)

‘Where are you?’

I mumble to that empty space beside me,

my eyes, still hazy

from sleep, dreams, and the early morning sun

squeezing in through the gaps

of partially opened blinds.

I consider the empty space

for a moment,

resting my eyes on the creased pillow

that has somehow edged its way closer and closer

to mine

throughout the night.

I note the carelessly tossed duvet,

and the living breathing notebook

on the bedside table,

a coffee ring stain on its cover;

a pen tucked into the last visited page.

The dog’s bed is empty.

I am irked by intrusive rumbles from outside,

then I remember: it is bin day;

rumbles of bin-wheels

on concrete canvas,

and I smile.

I smile because I never have to take out bins.

I smile because I know

that within that notebook

linger stories

of how our children laughed.

My name infused with intimacy

occasionally graces the pages.

I smile because the door opens

our dog bounds in,


having been fed and taken out.

I smile because

a cup of tea enters the bedroom,

followed by my husband,

playful mischief twinkles in his eyes.

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About the author

Teresa Renton

Writer - inhaling life, exhaling stories. With fiction, prose & poetry, I explore self-discovery and that it is never too late to change your story. Subscribe to my ‘Gentle Stories of Discovery’ at Ladychicpea.com or visit IG @ladychicpea

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