by Heather Clark 7 months ago in growing

Free Yourself


Every day is a new battle against the same foe,

begins another solo journey filled with struggles and groans.

These thoughts just fade in when you least expect,

almost impossible to detect... that is until you are already consumed

but at that point you are already doomed.

You're so stuck on this mirror.

I bet you wish your skin was clearer.

Thoughts in your mind begin to swirl and swell,

which can drag you into your own personal hell.

You continue to ask yourself, "Why can't I just be someone else instead?"

So tired of all these thoughts in my head.

I've lost sight on who I want to be,

but open your eyes and you'll see

life is what you make it, and yea it's hard

but that's the best part.

Life kicks you down, but you always get up, you've survived all your worst days.

And all your worst days eventually fades into a haze.

Heather Clark
Heather Clark
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Heather Clark

Heather is a film student and model living in the midwest. She loves anything entertainment and art related.

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