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by Jennifer Cooley about a month ago in slam poetry

Rape: Someone you trusted!

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~ Hat ~

I remember lying there

feeling like death,

as so many of us do

wanting to escape my body,

I remember turning my head

and staring at the white wall

my eyes burning through it

with intensity, trying to get away

I couldn't stand to look at him

the expression on his face

and the message in his eyes,

trying to escape

from the feeling of him


All my mind could see was you

sitting alone in a half-lit room

where I left you,

the night I wanted to...

climb on the couch

squeeze in behind you

wear you like a shield,

knowing then, nothing could

happen to me;

Protection I thought I was so close

to landing but in the end

protection I'd never be understanding,

For it was right

just then in what felt like

the blink of an eye,

There I was, in a room

I was unable to escape

Face to Face

with "his" stranger

consumed by his rage

and jealousy over you,

I was dumb enough to hope

that you might have known

I was in trouble,

There was nothing I could do

as soon as he touched me

What I hoped to know was gone,

by then we had traveled to far

and I could no longer turn

to your embrace,

and you could no longer be

the knight of my dreams

or a witness, in the story

to my life's plight

in all the rest of the days

I spent in silence

a part of you and your family's life!

(Jennifer Culleton Park)

I new not to fight

that only makes things worse,

they don't stop until there done

the light in my life dwindled

my mind and heart fell sick,

and I worsened in my

disassociative disorder,

I walked around "BLUE"


adding this to what

I had already been through,

I believed in your fairytale

Love is blind

I was kind,

I loved the family

that I was surrounded in,

and why needles became my best friend,

I know better now

when I think about

what I could have been saved from

living through,

If you had been there when I returned,

when part of me remembers

wanting to tell,


would you have believed me

the night I meant to be right back

the night I left the hat?

It has taken me many years

to learn how to fight

to get well,

and I know that even today

my journey is far from over,

as I confess

and contest,

to the history


Family Incest!

slam poetry
Jennifer Cooley
Jennifer Cooley
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Jennifer Cooley

I've been writing as long as I could hold a crayon! Remember writing my first story like it was yesterday at 5 I remember the details of the day, location, time, excitement & where the story was preserved for all time! Lots Born From That!

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