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Harmony’s Embrace

Love’s Tapestry Unveiled

By Edward C. AddamsPublished 3 months ago 1 min read
Harmony’s Embrace
Photo by Ricardo Moura on Unsplash

Within a tapestry, hearts entwined,

An untold saga, uniquely designed.

Where bonds of kinship tenderly grow,

Love's radiant symphony, aglow.

In this sacred hearth, family's grace,

Love unyielding, in each warm embrace.

From cradle's nest to twilight's gleam,

Lineage etched in love's celestial stream.

The matriarch, pillar strong and wise,

Arms cradling, whispering lullabies.

Her nurturing tapestry, a tender care,

Guiding souls, dreams to share.

And there, the patriarch stands tall,

Strength's fortress, a beacon for all.

His voice, a soothing balm, serene,

A refuge of solace, where hearts convene.

Siblings, constellation of joy untold,

Laughter and tears, a symphony bold.

Their echoes resonate, an orchestra's play,

In harmony they dance, love's display.

Children, buds on a blooming tree,

Hope's embodiments, purest glee.

Innocence, a canvas yet unfurled,

Love's legacy, painting the world.

Oh, love's petals, blooming anew,

Affection's depths, hearts pursue.

A love that defies mortal gaze,

Entwined souls in passion's haze.

This family's tale, a rarity profound,

Unveiling love's essence, unbound.

In each beat, life's symphony is sung,

Bound by love's embrace, forever we belong.

Edward C.

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About the Creator

Edward C. Addams

I love to write ✍️!!!

Hope, you will like and enjoy it!!!

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