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Harmony's Ballet: A Symphony of Peace

Verses Whispers in the Stillness of the Soul

By Aminu Abdulmumin AmfaniPublished 5 months ago 1 min read
Harmony's Ballet: A Symphony of Peace
Photo by Sunguk Kim on Unsplash

In the calm domains where quietness lives,

An ensemble of serenity delicately withstands.

Harmony, a delicate murmur in the still air,

A delicate touch that expels despair.

Underneath the moon's peaceful, silver look,

Harmony blossoms in the heart's serene labyrinth.

Quiet waters reflect a peaceful face,

A shelter tracked down in the hug of beauty.

Through knolls where the wildflowers influence,

Harmony moves, painting the world in tints of the day.

Mountains stand as quiet sentinels tall,

Watchmen of harmony, embracing all.

In the quietness of a morning's most memorable light,

Harmony stirs, a padded flight.

Delicate breezes convey a song of simplicity,

Murmuring insider facts that set the spirit straight.

In the midst of disarray, a safe-haven unfurls,

Where the soul tracks down comfort, and stories are told.

Harmony, the craftsman, strokes the material of the brain,

Making scenes where stresses loosen up.

No shield, no weapon, simply an open hand,

Harmony spans holes, assisting us with understanding.

In the embroidered artwork of presence, woven and turned,

Harmony is the tune that orchestrates as one.

So let us look for, with hearts wide and free,

The slippery fortune, the demulcent of the ocean.

In the dance of minutes, let harmony track down its rent,

An immortal rhythm, an orchestra of harmony.

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Aminu Abdulmumin Amfani

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  • Test5 months ago

    Your writing skills are truly impressive. I loved it.

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