Hard Times

by Sarah Parish about a year ago in love poems

The Hardest of Times

Hard Times

Dear Mike, the love of my life,

So very happy I still am to be your wife!

No matter how long and far away you are,

I love you still in all times good and bad!

With all of the times, I could fill pennies in a penny jar;

Of all the times I have been sad,

From all of the times you stayed afar,

Or all the times we have had.

Like watching Alla-din beat Jafar,

Like all of the times I have been mad.

I have to tell our boys,

To clean up the mess!

But it is I who pick up the toys,

So that we step on them less!

It is so very hard to hold up without him here,

I wish I could just go to the store,

Pick me up a beer!

But I can't do that no more

I miss going out

Walking by his side!

Is without a doubt,

Preferable to a ride!

It is this that I fear,

That with my eyes, I will no longer hear!

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Sarah Parish

I believe in symbiosis, and that there is a singular dominant God of the universe,

Also, the love poems are dedicated to my husband, and the rest are dedicated to my family!

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