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Happy Poem


By KarunPublished 4 months ago 1 min read
Happy Poem
Photo by Tim Mossholder on Unsplash

Happiness is a melody that sings in our soul,

A symphony of moments that make us whole.

So let us cherish the moments, big and small,

And let happiness be the language of us all.

In a world of sunlight and skies so blue,

Where laughter dances and dreams come true,

Let me weave a tale of joy and delight,

In simple terms, let happiness take flight.

Like a warm embrace or a gentle breeze,

Happiness whispers through the rustling trees.

It sparkles like stars on a moonlit night,

Filling our hearts with a radiant light.

It's the laughter of children in playful glee,

The scent of flowers, so sweet and free.

A hug from a loved one, so tender and warm,

Or the feeling of home, safe from life's storm.

It's dancing in raindrops, splashing with glee,

Chasing rainbows, setting our spirits free.

It's finding beauty in the simplest of things,

And the joy that a new day brings.

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Poetry that explores the intersection of feelings and nature is a common theme among many poets I am Karun. Started writing poems to express feelings and find feelings! They show innermost feelings can reflect in external world. AESTHELTE

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