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Haiku of the Witch

The feeling of meditation in the outdoors.

By Nadia CowperthwaitePublished 2 months ago Updated 2 months ago 1 min read
Haiku of the Witch
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Earth beneath my feet

Keeping my spirit grounded

Magick flowing up


Wind blows through my hair

Goddess whispers in my ears

Air swirls and eddies


Fire dances with glee

Twirling into the night sky

Heat, light and colour


Rain begins to fall

Sluicing over my body

Feel the Goddess here

* * *

This poem takes place outside during a meditation session at night with a campfire. Focusing on the different elements and how they feel is a great form of meditation and can really help keep your mind on the journey.

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Nadia Cowperthwaite

Aussie mum living in the Outback with a passion to share stories.

I have degrees in journalism and media, an MBA, currently undertaking a research degree.

Facebook: @nadiacowper

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