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Haiku Lake

from the collection Tight Graffiti

By Sarah SniderPublished 3 years ago 1 min read
Lake Michigan

what if the lake was

a man, all brash and barely

restrained violence

would his arms balance

the sky, would his breath inspire

this dark poetess?

are the waves his hair

flowing free-all grey and blue?

would that he braid it

and braid my heart, too

long plaits of desire ribboned

with tall grass and stone

at night he is a

lover to the moon, her moods

design his rhythm

patterns of body

body moving/body caught

in the endless dance

her indifferent

light shines a galaxy on

his broad and black back

but then daylight and

her bright parade softly sings

her lost man awake

her voice is birdsong,

cold wind and the susurrus

speaking of the pines

he slowly rolls his

face to her word, his heart-beat

a metronome of

constancy ticking

its steady love story-truth

weaving itself through

the mythos of their

dynamic relationship

all this-as I watch

from my lonely perch

fluorescent lights an ugly


nature poetry

About the Creator

Sarah Snider

I am a great lover of poetry, magic, mystery and science. I am passionate about sharing what I know about herbs and herbal medicine.


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