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"Guardians of Light: Defying the Devil's Deception"

"Resisting Temptation, Embracing Truth"

By Edgardo Millan Published 3 months ago 1 min read
"Guardians of Light: Defying the Devil's Deception"
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In shadows deep where darkness reigns,

Where whispers dance in eerie strains,

There lurks a fiend with cunning guise,

A master of deceit and lies.

The Devil prowls with twisted grin,

His web of falsehood drawing in,

With promises of fleeting gain,

He tempts the soul, igniting pain.

Beware his words, so sweetly spun,

For they conceal what's truly done.

He preys upon the weak of heart,

Seeking to tear our lives apart.

But hold your ground, oh noble one,

For in your spirit, shines the sun,

The light of truth, the beacon bright,

That guides you through the darkest night.

Though shadows loom and doubts may rise,

Let not the Devil cloud your eyes.

For in your soul, a strength resides,

That in his wiles, forever strides.

With faith as armor, steadfast, true,

You'll see his lies, unravel through.

His schemes undone, his power wane,

As righteousness shall firmly reign.

So stand firm against his vile art,

And keep the goodness in your heart.

For though the Devil may deceive,

In truth and love, we shall believe.

No more shall we be led astray,

By his illusions, come what may.

For in our souls, the light shall gleam,

And banish darkness, like a dream.

So let us heed this timeless call,

To rise above, to stand tall,

For in our strength, the Devil's dread,

Shall fade away, like morning's red.

Thus, let this truth forever ring,

In every heart, let freedom sing,

For in our choice, our destiny,

We shall not let the Devil fool thee.

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