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Written by: Ammon Holling Lowe Published by: Fatma Robinson

By Fatma M RobinsonPublished 2 years ago 1 min read

Guard my guardedness of the ultimate guard.

Out the doors and on the street,

Everything I see the guard sees.

All that I share, the guard is aware.

Remaining guarded among loved ones,

I hope to pass my guard to another one.

For one time there’s a price,

As all time is priceless.

Guard my mouth as I speak,

I am on guard to the meek.

The guard seeks my guardedness,

The guard guards my stress.

I have a guard on my feet, hand, heart and mind which guard my spirit.

Salvation is mine, I can feel it,

Human nature frauds, guard me oh God from it.

surreal poetry

About the Creator

Fatma M Robinson

Hi, everybody calls me Tina. I have many degrees, but my passion is advocating and activism for climate change, animal awareness, homelessness, racism, and social change. Currently, I am a Peer Counselor.

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