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Growing Old

Into the Unknown

By Cynthia FieldsPublished 10 months ago 1 min read
Photo: Piel by Pixabay

Looking at the world with yesterday’s eyes

while the mirror advocates for the present.

Bones engaged in idle chatter stating their case

for caution.

Knowledge, like stones around my neck.

Minds and ears closed to what I have to say.

The snickers of onlookers set the cadence

for their feet marking their future path

like it or not.

Curly nappy hair my crown

Deep chocolate skin not so bad after all.

Existence validated by itself.

Running weathered, boney fingers

through my glory I remember the past

or was it just a dream?

The future and present now melded as one.

All that I ever wanted and did not receive

I know now I did not need.

Blissfully content with the wisdom of age

Fear, where is thy grip? I am what I am and

that’s just fine.

Humored by my youthful foolishness

Resolved now to never know it all.

So much to share, to say but no one to listen

and so, the wheel will continue to be reinvented.

Knees will be scraped on the same old rocks

and life goes on.

So many yesterdays remembered amidst the clouds in my mind.

So, few left that remember, and the young

have no time or desire to listen.

The whispers and snickers are mine now

as the foolish mingle past head-first into the


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About the Creator

Cynthia Fields

I adore words and I love what happens when we grab them, sleep with them, holler and scream and laugh at them! I love what happens when we throw them in the air and watch them fall magically from our minds onto paper!

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