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Gray Fall

A villanelle

By Mark FrancisPublished 6 months ago Updated 6 months ago 1 min read
(Image by Graziella Grendel.)

Downing news and coffee, hands may shake

though there’s really nothing wrong with you at all

in needing an alarm clock to awake.

Days when the trees shine after dense clouds break

sustain one through the long gray fall

though downing news and coffee hands may shake.

Hard to say why the greediness wouldn’t brake

and the surging tempers on top of it all.

Some always need alarm clocks to awake.

Disasters, bombings, and the rest don’t make

our own time spent among bad fates more small;

having downed bad news and coffee hands will shake.

So many steps now until we finally take

the winding last ones past our own great wall--

still relying on alarm clocks to awake.

In the cycling seasons some might fake

triumphant spirit till the angels call

but downing news and coffee our hands shake

and still we need alarm calls to awake.


About the Creator

Mark Francis

Published translator of verse and original writer of haiku, senryu, lyric, occasional and genre poetry and speculative fiction.

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Comments (1)

  • k eleanor6 months ago

    Your poem is "brewtiful"! 😂 This poem beautifully captures the paradox of our existence—how we navigate through daily routines, fueled by news and coffee, yet grapple with uncertainties. The recurring theme of needing an alarm clock becomes a powerful symbol for the struggle to awaken in the midst of life's challenges. Love it!!

Mark FrancisWritten by Mark Francis

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