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a commentary on life in the 21rst century

By Halston WilliamsPublished 6 months ago 2 min read

Everywhere I go, people're glued to their screens

If they could they'd fuse a smartphone into their genes.

Visions of Huxley & Bradbury dance in my head

If it's Farenheit 451, I think I'd rather be dead!

Business is big, sellin' drugs & devices

Soma and data, to satisy all your vices.

Greedy Moloch Corporations, people chasin' their dreams

And we all wear headphones so we don't hear the screams.


Seems to me the problem for the whole human race is

That we can't see the problems right in front of our faces.

So tell me, if you know, where do we go from here?

I'm starin' through a lookin' glass darkly, and it aint fuckin' clear...

Everywhere I turn, it's like a dystopian novel

The situation's grave, so someone bring me a shovel!

Burnin' books on social media, stabbin' authors in the eye,

Fillin' the planet with garbage and killer drones in the sky.

The machines that rule our lives don't have a concept of evil;

There's a message from the future, and it's "Soylent Green is People!"


Everywhere I look, there's people hatin' each other,

Black against White, and brother against brother.

Teaching youth to hate their race, their nation, and founding fathers,

Parents let'em cut the dicks off their sons & the breasts off thier daughters.

Nobody that I know plays Ode to Joy or reads Shakespeare,

They just listen to the news, gettin' hypnotized by fear.

Who the hell do I turn to? They tell me that "God is dead,"

It's the twighlight of the Gods, and the angels have fled.


There's a lady on T.V. clothed in scarletXXX dreams

She rides team of horny beasts and comes as she blasphemes

She blows a trumpet as she summons cyborg-demons to fight

And the machines that lead the charge can't tell darkness from light.

There's false prohets streaming sermons to the millions that follow:

They've lost thier minds and their senses, so thier outrage rings hollow

Everywhere that I've been, people's souls are bein' taken

Someone tell me, where is Love? And why are we forsaken?


surreal poetrysocial commentaryslam poetrysad poetryart

About the Creator

Halston Williams

Eternal Student: literature, poetry, history, art, and philosophy. English Teacher. Writer & painter. Traveller & skier (when there's $$$). I'm young enough to be foolish, yet old enough to know better. Lover of dark & beautiful things.

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  • Chloe5 months ago

    Incredibly true, and starkly vivid. This should have gotten more attention. As a teen myself, I see kids looking at their phones all the time, and I feel so terrible for those kids that think they’re one gender when they’re obviously the other. It only becomes saddening at a certain point. Excellent imagery, and God bless.

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