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by Kelsey Will 3 months ago in art

a spiritual journey

Photo by Greg Rakozy on Unsplash

I'd hear the word

And recoil from it

The thought of prayer

Left me disgusted

How hard it is

To face each day

While gripping nihilism

So intensely that

Your knuckles turn white

What's the point

Of goals and dreams

If everything

Means nothing

And when you die

It's just like it was

Before you were born

You don't exist and

You don't even know it

Why waste my time

Being anything of value

When I can drown myself

In drugs and booze

And still expire

Just the same as you

Yet once in a while

That question would

Push it's way into

My consciousness

"How could all of this be meaningless?"

The seed was planted

And as it grew

It broke through

That existential dread

Leaving just enough room

For hope to crawl in

I started to think that

Maybe there's more

To all of this chaos

Than anything I could

Ever comprehend

And who am I

To be so sure there's not

Then slowly my

Perspective shifted

My mind was open

And I no longer

Viewed the world

As upside down

Though the universe

Will always remain

A mystery

And the truth is something

I will never catch

For today,

I find myself okay

With "maybe..."

Kelsey Will
Kelsey Will
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