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Goat Gala Go-Go

Generally Goats Gather

By Dan Ormerod Published 11 months ago Updated 11 months ago 1 min read
Gary, Gertrude

Grand Goat Gala, gathering growing

Goat groupie garble, gets gossip going

Groves, glades, gullies - goats goats goats

Grandiose Goat Greeting!” Garden Gazette gloats


Grandmother goats, greying gracefully

Great Grandkid goats, galloping gayfully

Grumpy Grandfathers, groggily groaning

Goat generations, gradually growing


Goats gnashing grains, goatees getting grassy

Gooseberries, geraniums, getting goats gassy

Goat garrisons gnawing grasshopper gumbos

Gallantly grazing, guaranteed gastros


Goat gaggle galas, germinate geezers

Gremlin Gangsters,” “Grendel Greasers.

Gruesome, grotesque, ghastly gore

Gluttonous Goblins, gobble goats galore


Good golly! Good gracious! Good gravy guy!

Get going goats. Get gone. Goodbye.

Guzzle gulp growl, gnarl gulp grasp

Gutsy gulp gripe, gag gulp gasp


Grizzly Goat Gala, Gothic Grocery Games

Goblins’ gambit, garnishing gains

Goats’ gauntlet gambled, glimmers gilled

Garden Gazette guessed, “Goats Get Grilled!

fact or fiction

About the Creator

Dan Ormerod

I love to tell tall tales. I've determined that I am left with two career choices - a writer or a fisherman. If you like a little humour tucked in with your tale, give my stories a try. If things don't work out, I'm buying a boat.

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