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Glimpse into the Soul

Uncommonly Rare

By Michelle schaferPublished 2 months ago 1 min read
Glimpse into the Soul
Photo by Marek Piwnicki on Unsplash

The air escaped me

In a gasping breath

Surreal, freakish, bizarre

A vision of life or maybe death

Darkness engulfing everything

But for a glimmer, a slight glow

Pulse beating too quick, rapidly

What is it? I don't know

Not threatening nor fearsome

Intriguing, magnetic, beckoning

Summoning, tempting, inviting

Challenging or reckoning

Oddly transfixed

Rooted to the spot

Sweat pouring innocuously

The air moist, yet hot

It's slowly closing in

Not too far away

A swell of warmth inside

Movements a rhythmic sway

Guided to move forward

Enveloping sensations of love

Emitting a charge of energy

Surrounding, underneath, above

Unique, uncommon, exquisite

So captivatingly whole

Mystical, magical, extraordinary

A glimpse into the soul

So beautiful, authentic

Exposed with all to bare

Only truths on display

A peek at something so very rare

Image reflecting back

Honest, transparent, real

The mirror a portal

My soul no longer concealed

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About the Creator

Michelle schafer

Mum of 2 incredible humans. Holistic counsellor and coach. Continuing my passion to write and writing my first book. Always unapologetically me.

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