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Give and Take

In love and any relationship, give and take is always important.

By Lou_EinalePublished 5 months ago 1 min read

Help that we hear all the time

Give and take is on top

To make any love to last

Get the best and beat the odds.

For good time and bad time

When well or in sick

In any case we will have

We have each one to lean on.

When you feel down

I will be here to lift you up

When I am in need of help

You are there to back me up.

When life gets hard

Have rest and slow down

Take good care of our body

And find ways to feed our soul.

Pray and keep hold on our love

Fate may play in our path

Open the idea of true love to bind us

That both of us will show the glow.

Be sure to keep in mind

The rule of give and take

Give as much love as you can

Take back the love they want to give.

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