Girls Just Wanna Have Fun

by Charlene Ellison about a year ago in surreal poetry

Party Time

Girls Just Wanna Have Fun

Some might say I am the life of the party and make a grand entrance to be seen

There is nothing wrong with enjoying life if you don’t lose yourself while doing it

Clubs are all fun in games yet not all experiences are pleasurable…some have fallen on their sheen

It is a place where people go to explore out of their comfort, have a few drinks and hear music

Well, that is not necessarily true…Some people go out to be party crashers and ruin your fun

They consume too much alcohol and take drugs and become so obnoxious …

They have something to prove even though they may wake up in the morning asking what happened

Girls Like their hair, outfit, and makeup flawless when stepping into a room

It is the hours spent in a space shared with others to sweat and dance the night away

Some girls party too hard and require assistance home…Too wasted what a doom

Partying is all fun and games if it is safe and respectful…just be aware of what you do

Rape is happening in the world…some speak up and some just walk away

Never let partying change you to be incoherent this is so true

In all countries women fight battles of being slipped a date rape drug

Where there are their physically yet have no idea of what is going on

Yet the guys say…It is a hole you crawled in…one that you dug

The only thing I can say is to be aware of the company that you keep

Don’t be the life of the party…but observe what is going on in the party

So that one day you may never find yourself …this is so deep

It’s alright to have fun just make sure it is the fun you accept

Mind over matter…If you not feeling it then just walk away

You decide the company that should be kept

surreal poetry
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