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In a Bottle

By Jason ShipleyPublished 2 years ago 3 min read

What would your next move be if you woke up and had sitting alongside you, a magical lamp? Just like Aladdin, would you fly by the seat of your pants or stop, take break and make a plan.

Let's say once you rub the lamp a genie surprisingly pops out; Would you be able to remain calm or running around screaming til you could no longer shout.

First thing I would do is ask what the deal is, what are rules and regulations; Such as how many wishes am I allowed and are wishes open to negotiations,

Is there specific things he can not grant so I don't waste any; Most importantly can I take a wish and use it to grant wishes to the infinity.

Am I allowed to use a wish if I'm wanting to become immortal; Is there other worlds it universes and if so can he send me there through a portal.

Can you bring the dead back to life cause I really miss my mommy; Or would that lead to an occurrence similar to Pet Cemetery.

Or maybe the Walking Dead with my mom being a mindless zombie; 2nd thought; scratch that idea, how many wishes you day?-3.

OK, so is it possible for a magical genie to provide us with world peace? A world without borders, violence, and crime plus all wars cease.

If that's too much to ask for then bout getting true love; The type where you feel like your living on cloud 9 with your Angel up above.

Not possible either since if come from a wish then how could it be true; Great point, so give me a minute to think, to figure out what I should do.

Would I be able to take and transfer to someone else a wish; Don't want to be greedy so can I share with others the wealth of this.

Only I can command the genie so another idea put to rest; Is there a time limit on making a wish or from one wish to the next.

Since I would like to make the most out of an opportunity such as this; And not be stupid and waste any of them on a reaction to anything and just wish.

Am I good to confer with others like sitting down with my family; Of course all while keeping it quiet so people don't come up out the woodwork.

How about health things, can you make a person well, ex can you make a person cancer free; Or while on such a topic, would you be able to rid the world of Could vid-19.

Could you erase all disease from mankind from this day forth; Is that like asking to take a 10 speed mountain bike and turn it into a porche,

Is there any sore topics I could choose or unattainable subjects; Also as a result of granting a wish is there any consequences like a butterfly effect.

If so then that changes all thoughts going around in my head; If someone does does that bring someone back to life instead.

If I ask for generational wealth so that my family may prosper; Would a 3rd world countries banks empty out as a result and then go on and make their people suffer.

Can I give something a trial run or made doable to make a trade; Or is that against the genie handbook and wishes are final once made .

So many questions to ask plus so many things floating thru my brain; So many people to consider to help sure won't be able to please them all so I'll be there person to blame.

Pretty much a no win situation for me in slot of ways; No need in trying to sugarcoat things while considering all the different things.

Knowing how hard of a choice this will truly be for me to make; Figure might as well take it out of my hands and fall to knees and pray .

Does God have to balance everything out even from a genie granting a wish; Such as if wish cures a disease would a worst calamity emerge to replace it.

How could I have forgot bout God at all throughout this equation; Since with him all things are possible especially receiving salvation.

Nothing in this world can substitute for what God can and will do for me; Not all the 💰 money created, tangible objects, not even a magical genie .

fact or fiction

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