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Galactic Guest: An Earthly Tour

Discovering Wonders, Near and Far

By Joe CPublished 2 months ago 1 min read

In a world of blue and green,

An alien visitor was seen.

His eyes wide, curious and bright,

Earth's wonders gave him quite the fright.

"Come with me," I began to say,

"I'll show you Earth the human way."

First, we tasted chocolate sweet,

He danced around, tapping his feet.

Then I showed him our vast blue seas,

With dolphins leaping, full of glee.

His antenna quivered in surprise,

At the vast ocean 'neath the skies.

We ventured to a bustling town,

With towering buildings all around.

He gazed up high, then down below,

Amazed at our world's vibrant flow.

To a concert, the music loud,

He marveled at the dancing crowd.

The rhythm, beats, and melodies,

Made him float, feeling the breeze.

The night sky with stars so clear,

I pointed at constellations near.

He chuckled, "We have those too!"

In a galaxy of a different hue.

We lay on grass, soft and cool,

Listening to a nightingale's yule.

"This Earth," he whispered with a sigh,

"Is a wonder, under this sky."

As dawn approached, it was time to part,

With memories etched, close to heart.

He boarded his ship, to the stars so high,

With a tear and a wave, we said goodbye.

Now when I gaze up, to the great unknown,

I wonder if he's there, all alone.

Remembering Earth, with its charm so vast,

And our shared moments, forever to last.


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Joe C

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  • Alex H Mittelman 2 months ago

    Great poem! Well written!

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