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by CaT. D 4 years ago in love poems
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Loving you never felt right

Dark thoughts. Dark Affection.

Our rhythm in unison showed me some light; I didn’t even break no fight

What is this crawling up? It’s an infection

Now I’m anxious to see thee

It’s like a curse, longing for a kiss, a hug, a thought

You’re my hope, my happiness, my key... my push to break free

My heart’s been thrown around but in your net there it is, it has been caught

What would I do without you?

Move back. Head down. Cower in my cave?

I see I’m more than nothing.. I’m who? Now, I’m cool.

All because of a love that gave my life a rave. I have been saved!

Before you, my life was curled going through whirls

Now in your arms, its still, I can see, I can now conquer the world

love poems

About the author

CaT. D

I am just a peculiar Cat that is in love with the art of writing. Thanks for your time and support in my work!

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