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[ fur-fee ] show ipa. noun,plural fur·phies. Australian. a false report or improbable story; rumor.

By Brenton FPublished 14 days ago 1 min read
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this expectation of rejuvenation

it lacks reality

it’s just a pipe dream

a fat and fecund ripe scream

this procrastinated exhilaration

the love child of boredom and sloth

it clings to the teet of fading promises

and it thrives in all that is lost

this tremorous tale of tribulation

it tells of the told and unsaid

it’s not coca cola, not a real thing

it’s got no guts it knows no feeling

this emergence of a familiar disturbance

a pattern that arcs through times

rippling through every possible touch

the feigned, the real and the obligated

this degradation of stimulation

nursing an invisible welt

a loss of face, place and senses

nursing a nothing not felt

surreal poetry

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Brenton F

It's just a token of my extreme - Frank Zappa

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  • Thavien Yliaster14 days ago

    Reminds me of snakeoil salesmen and the scam artist from Pete's dragon where dragon blood, liver tongue, etc. all possessed amazing healing and rejuvenation capabilities. Thing is, sure accidents do happen and tend to be people's misfortune, but most people wanting that kind of stuff are the ones that never took care of their body on the first place.

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