Fuck the Last Man

A Poem

Fuck the Last Man

Fuck the cells of our beginning,

fuck the compliment of your being.

Our primordial bearers fucked

their becoming by the Ancient Lake.

We fucked around a flat circle

as one image fell to another.

Our technologies came and went

as we sprang from ashes into light.

These new lights are blinding;

the distance shrinks but grows.

We now turn a blind eye

but "why?" nobody knows.

Come, my friends.

We can seek other ends.

The Last Man has arrived;

we long since thrived.

Fuck the day

and fuck the night.

Nietzsche has more to say,

and with time, we fuck death away.

performance poetry
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Dr Joel LaNacey

I used to be a bunch of atoms but now I'm alive, I guess. 

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