by Mia Stephenson about a year ago in love poems

Thoughts on How I Put Him There


To the nice guy, who thinks I paint the sky

Sometimes rainbows are even lackluster

When you think of how they’re caused by rainstorms

Kids jump in puddles for the thrill of it

But it soaks your shoes for the rest of the day

And I get that you think you want me, hell I understand it if you think that you love me

Because I’m funny, easy to communicate with

And you won’t have to worry if I’ll ever ask for shit

Because my confidence is like a beaten down gravel path

I hold it together but if you look close enough you see the cracks

Like letting random guys in when it’s never going to last

And pushing boys like you away, because I’m scared of guys who like me

I’m scared that you want me, and I know you find me endearing

That the friend zone you perpetuate is just a feeling

Something you can push through until eventually I want you

But even though your eyes look like little tiny moons

Every time I step in the room, your mood elates as if you have something to prove

But I just can’t take Any step towards you

Because eventually if I do, you’ll decide you don’t love me

I know it’s true, I know what’ll transpire between me and you

I’ll return your feelings and you’ll run once you’re capable of seeing the truth

I’m not what you crack me up to be

I’m the ostrich egg that’s hard to hatch but when you do you’ll understand

The inside of me is just like all the other girls before me

It’s hopeless goo that falls for you until you desert me

I wish it wasn’t true but when it comes to me and you

The length of my arms is the closest you’ll come to seeing if you can hurt me

And it’s not that I treat you different than the other guys who bruise me

But if I fell for you, you’d try, it’s true

But in the end you’ll just pretend you never knew me

And you’ll move on, and that’s cool

but those other guys who leave me bruised

The ones you whisper that you’ll mend the wounds

Where will you be when you take a stab at me and then I’m broken with nobody to revive me

Nobody will be there to patch my skin

Nobody will be there to love me when the other men didn’t

You can’t expect me to give up my comfort and sanity in you

Nice guy, I just can’t do this with you

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