Friendships Do Matter

by Rafia Umar about a year ago in love poems

When you find love, keep it and hold on to it, tightly.

Friendships Do Matter

People say I write too many stories, but those stories don't match our lives/memories

They say I speak too much, but you think I’m only making melodies

When they say I fantasize too much, you say I’m just beauty with brains

When they plan to get rid off me, you say I’m just going keep this amazing person

When I’m acting silly, you just goof around with me like we’re turning four

What I’m to do with you? Keep you? Abandon you? Forget you?

When no one comes around, I’m going stick around, and even if they do, I'm going to fight for you.

Photo by Tyler Nix on Unsplash

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Rafia Umar
Rafia Umar
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