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Freckle on Forever

A Poem

By Becca VolkPublished 5 years ago 1 min read

Turn out the light

It is far too late to talk.

Mismatched worlds meeting

in the cyber medium

of our hearts.

The morning will bring words

etched onto glass.

A reminder of your distance

and your proximity.

Hands brush camera lenses,

Reaching out to close the space between

you and I.

We spend hours like dollars.

Scrounging our lives

For a few cents.

Spare me some change?

I need to buy a minute more with you.

Turn on the street light

so I can see you smile.

I’ve left my world

to meet you in yours.

Our hearts are racing.

Remember to breathe, love.

The morning brings words

painting the air

as we lay side by side

through the screen.

We spend hours like euros,

tucking them into heart-shaped purses.

If I spend too much,

I’ll have to go home.

Yet the wallet still runs empty.

We are broke on time.

The tide breaks through my heart,

it pools in my eyes.

It sent me out to sea,

far away from you again.

Turn out the light,

It is far too late to talk.

But I wish it wasn’t.

The world is split in two,

half for me,

half for you.

The equator between us stretches on.

Remember to breathe, my love.

This is just a freckle

on our forever.

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About the Creator

Becca Volk

Becca is a chronically-ill lady, writes on health, humanity, and what it truly means to be alive. She invites you into her unique world, and the imagination, that comes with being stuck in bed. The world may be still, but words keep moving.

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