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Fragments of the Heart

Whispers of Resilience: Embracing Fragments of the Heart

By M. Shaihan AhmedPublished 12 months ago 1 min read
Fragments of the Heart
Photo by Tim Marshall on Unsplash

In the depths where emotions reside,

Lies a tale of love, both strong and wide.

It weaves its threads through joy and strife,

A symphony played upon the strings of life.

Fragments of the heart, shattered and scattered,

Each piece carrying a memory, love once mattered.

They speak of laughter, they whisper of pain,

A kaleidoscope of emotions, an intricate refrain.

Some fragments hold the warmth of affection,

Like a gentle touch, a heartfelt connection.

They remind us of moments pure and true,

When love embraced us, and our spirits flew.

Other fragments bear the weight of tears,

Memories of heartbreak, of unspoken fears.

They tell a story of loss and despair,

Of love unrequited, dreams left to wear.

But from these fragments, strength will arise,

For within the broken, hope never dies.

Each shattered piece carries the power to heal,

To rebuild the heart, and again love to feel.

So gather the fragments, one by one,

Hold them close, let the mending be done.

For in the tapestry of a healing heart,

Beauty emerges, a brand new start.

Let the fragments teach you, let them guide,

Through the journey of love, where hearts collide.

For in embracing the broken, we find our worth,

And discover the resilience of the human birth.

In fragments lie stories, both bitter and sweet,

A testament to love's triumph and defeat.

So cherish the pieces, honor their art,

For within those fragments, beats a resilient heart.

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Comments (1)

  • Ash12 months ago

    As I read this poem, I felt as if I was at a symphony. I truly enjoyed your style of writing. Great work

MSAWritten by M. Shaihan Ahmed

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