Fragments of Me Part 3

by LIFE MAZI about a year ago in surreal poetry

Piece 3: The Travelling Witch

Fragments of Me Part 3

If you think the reality which is handed to us does not contain magic; you are a fool. Dumb, stupid and blind can be used to describe you too. Though this reality can get tricky and sticky at times, all you have to do is use magic to escape into other realities; the imagination's pool.

Don't look at me with confusion bleeding from your eyes, and those stubborn walls that exist in between your eyebrows as lines. Can't you see that magic exists alongside the existence of life? Allow me to teach you how to be a Travelling Witch too. Stop worrying and don't cry.

First you must sharpen your senses with the practice of use. What comes to you as muffles will later become more defined as it is reintroduced. Like everything, a daily practice must be introduced, so that you can practice the art of escapism without mental abuse.

Use your ears to absorb the vibrations that replicate a beating heart. Use your eyes to see the pain and laughter as you turn pages apart. Use your tongue to experience a memory in the now - not just in the past. These are just a few examples of magic you can try through my beginner's guide. This is your start.

You do not need a wand or a cloak to be a Travelling Witch. You do not even have to travel physically or move an inch. This magic is all in the mind and soul; to immerse yourself in when you feel sad and low. This way you can alternate your realities with the flick of a mental switch.

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