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Fragments of Absence

Solace in Memories

By CrownMasqueradePublished 7 months ago 1 min read
Fragments of Absence
Photo by sarandy westfall on Unsplash

In the quiet corners of my restless mind,

I find myself entangled in memories,

A tapestry woven with strands of longing,

Each thread a whisper of your absence.

I miss you like the morning misses the sun,

Yearning for the warmth of your presence,

Aching for the light that once illuminated my days,

Now swallowed by the shadows of separation.

Your laughter echoes in the chambers of my heart,

A sweet melody that haunts my dreams,

But when I wake, it dissipates into the air,

Leaving behind an ache that lingers on my lips.

I miss the way your touch felt like a gentle breeze,

Caressing my skin with tenderness and grace,

Now I am left with the ghostly touch of emptiness,

The phantom sensation of your fingertips.

Each passing day carries fragments of your absence,

An emptiness that cannot be filled,

As I navigate the world without your steady hand,

Lost in a labyrinth of memories and yearning.

But amidst the ache, a flicker of hope remains,

For love transcends the bounds of time and space,

And though we may be physically apart,

Our souls are forever intertwined.

So, I hold you close within the chambers of my heart,

And in the realm of memories, I find solace,

For even in absence, you are never truly gone,

Forever etched in the tapestry of my being.

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