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Fractured Fairytales

Our happily ever after turned into a shattered story

By Ivan IslamPublished about a month ago 1 min read
Fractured Fairytales
Photo by Jilbert Ebrahimi on Unsplash

The love that once burned with a radiant light,

Now flickers and fades, lost in the night.

Her heart, a fortress with a rusted gate,

Shuts me outside, sealing my fate.

Dreams we meticulously crafted with glee,

Lie scattered and broken, a painful debris.

Trust, a fragile crystal, shattered to dust,

Leaving behind a future filled with disgust.

I held your hand, pieced you back together,

Fought your demons in all kinds of weather.

But for a stranger's charm, your feelings did stray,

Leaving me empty, tossed out in the way.

Misunderstandings, like weeds, they did creep,

Choking the love we so desperately kept.

Your affection dwindled, a whisper, a sigh,

This love, once vibrant, is destined to die.

Tears well in my eyes, a torrent of pain,

A silent scream echoes, a relentless refrain.

My heart, shattered to pieces, lies scattered around,

Lost and alone, with no place to be found.

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Ivan Islam

I am just a random freelancer writing about the things I research, observe myself and verify by experts. Want to let the world know about my works nd features. Please support, subscribe and read thoroghly. Thank U All.

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  • Nirzhara Islamabout a month ago

    I kinda felt it. You’re a good writer Mr.Evan.

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