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Forever and Ever


By Tracie SperlingPublished about a month ago 4 min read
Forever and Ever
Photo by Anne Nygård on Unsplash

What has humanity come to? Some individuals do not have a shred of decency. Until we are no more than animals in a zoo who are out of control and keeps reproducing without taking any responsibility. Reality is a consequence of liberty. We live to question what we are and what we are we will never be free. Just an illusion as we live the end of a good world without hope of god. Humanity has created such a butterfly tragedy but, we have no hope. In this world of chaos, hope replaces our indecency. When we are broken, we find the strength to keep dreaming. We must have love for our selves. But we alone are filled with hate and discontent. We are in need of redemption. Though there are those who do not want to be healed but, there is proof we need it. This is the day we fall in fear and it will come back to haunt us how our life was. Some of us have forgotten what we are here and who we condone. We have lost our way and live in the shadows of our fathers. We only see what we want to see as we all become. But in the end we must learn to see clearly. The truth is only a question of what was once innocent. We find the proof of it in every one we know that we’ll never be. The truth is only a matter of time until the end of time we can start. Only our pure wisdom dwells in our world of our own mistake found out of our own. We must be prepared to find solace in the great unknown through the storms of life. So that we must accept that we are nothing but flesh who endures human suffering in the eyes of those who are more than as we are grown. We have to learn to live with the suffering with a world that’s torn apart. There is too much violence and crime. From the sounds of the war that we reached down to the last of our own streets. The violence that we feel will take the place of everything. What will become of us is worthless hurt and selfishness. In the youth, we're nothing but a shell of a man is a living stone. We are the children of the wind that leaps. We are the ones who don't know the meaning of ourselves. What have we become so uncertain how to believe in. We are condemned to live in this world without fear of death we are not. The will to live is a must to survive. We must pray for eternity through tears and pain. We are the voice that speaks. And anyone who fears to listen can be someone who makes the world go upright. And every heart now bleeds and must rise above the wreckage. This is the path we chose for ourselves we cannot believe. We cannot use our souls as our own love grows stronger and stronger as the road leads to our destination we all carry out our own demise. We must trust in god who decides what is right and what’s wrong. The creator of our own design. Trust me there is a bigger plan. We are only human beings who makes mistakes. We are all guilty of the same sin. One must fall down to be saved. It’s the beginning a choice of this kind that we cannot be replaced through advanced technology such as AL. I’ll swipe right for love, not these heartless robots. Wrapped up in emotions, we dance to the beat. Emotions flow like rivers, guiding us towards eternal bliss. We are forever as one we are the unborn seeds we are the roots of this world. This is the end of all beginnings and beginnings again and again. Every single thing that you make in this world is an endless circle. We must have a feeling that we are something more than just flesh and bone. When I think about death it’s not just a decaying body with worms that turns into ash. For all of us to believe in the spirit born we are in this together. A vapor of a million souls we have got to count them. It is the power of will I told you by the words of a million. Forget that we all have to die and we might not stop to rise above. We are here on the edge on the edge of what it’s like to pass your breath. Love is a breath of hope as we conquer obstacles. We are the ones who can bring the past and the future to us is how it grows. All that you said and all that you are hasn’t happened yet. How can you be so sure about the things that we are. We are all of the things you will have been an external empire we must go on.

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    Tracie SperlingWritten by Tracie Sperling

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