Forbidden Love

by Nikki X 10 months ago in love poems

Is Always Hopeful

Forbidden Love

Constant wonders of the universe.

She stares at the depths of his eyes only to search.

Whispers around them as they kiss their final goodbyes.

Opposite skin colors is where their two bodies lies.

Of course, she knew of the disapproval.

She made everyone sound like a fool.

Icicles dripping from the rooftops as they kiss beneath the stars beside the candy shop.

Their love for each other became stronger, as they showed public affection a while longer.

The moon shined brightly and reflected upon her starry eyes, as he took her home to end the night.

He promised her a picnic under an oak tree in the countryside.

Where they could stare at the stars in the night sky.

The swooshing of the wind became louder.

And the sound of rain and thunder.

Footsteps became heavier as packs of dogs become closer.

To separate a love that only became stronger.

They ripped a love apart because of the color of their skin.

And blamed their kin for the color of their skin.

Segregation separated the blacks and the whites.

Made two strong lovers become a disgrace to their sight.

Ignorance should be blessed with God’s light.

Not battled between two different colors.

Which we get from our mothers and fathers.

So, let these two star crossed lovers.

Continue to think of a bed and breakfast home in the future.

Let them enjoy the countryside with the starry skies.

Let them be able to have hopeful eyes.

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Nikki X
Nikki X
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