For B, My Love

by Emma Lynn 2 years ago in love poems

A Poem

For B, My Love

You are more than my boyfriend.

You are my forever best friend,

The one I want to come home to

After a long day at work

And complain about life with.

You are my strength,

For when I feel like I am drowning,

You help hold me above the waves

No matter how stormy it is.

You are my heartbeat,

We feel the same pain, the same sadness

But mainly, we feel the same joy-

We have found light in each others smiles.

You are my reason,

The reason I keep going,

You constantly push me to grow

Even when I don't want to.

You are my dream,

My utmost, honest desire

The one I would give anything

To be with forever.

I love you.


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Emma Lynn

Hello there. My name is Emma and I am an aspiring writer. I see the beauty in things not everyone can and write poems about them. My goal is to one day take my writings and publish a poetry book. 

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