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For Her

By El PoetPublished 6 months ago 1 min read
Photo by Europeana on Unsplash

I've been waiting to give you your flowers...

Graciously thinking that this time is ours...

And how can I shower you with love from above

All the while you stay grounding, as a hurt dove

You got me buzz-ing like a bee...

It's crazy how I want to kiss your tulips

Maybe we could lay, lazily

by the daises for days and weeks...

In so many ways your speech

is like babies breathe to me...

Playing in peace with laughs on hills

down through pastures of daffodils...

Or we could stroll by the city,

surrounded by tiger lilies

and birds of paradise...

letting the sunflower

this pair in life...

As joy arose,

we shine like marigolds

seen through the iris

of orchids orchestrated so vibrant...

You're my belladonna lily

Pretty as a chrysanthemum

in a concrete jungle

lay back amongst the lilacs

so we can cuddle...


I'm so gladiolus,

I turn into a puddle

Let me be the gladiator

fighting for his lotus...

Against a swarm of hating locust

Focused on feeling your aureoles

Doing all sorts of fancy lying

What in carnation shall weeds do?

What I suppose to!

Being the king that I am...

I'll be your dandy-lion...

Hop on my back

and into the sunset

we shall ride in...

And isn't that exciting?

If the grass is greener

on this side of it,

than I might be

providing fertilizers

with these friendly reminders...

My Miss, this is for you!

Your flowers...


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El Poet

Subscribe, so I can provide something magical while striving to be autobiographical. For the life of me I shall not take a sabbatical. I'll keep writing these apical poems, as longs as it's fashionable to my passionate flow. Let's go!

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