Flower Petals

by Temporary 6 months ago in nature poetry

by Temporary

Flower Petals

So much weight on the beautiful flower’s petals. The water drips, pitter-pattering on them. The water puddles up, tipping the fragile flower over. It spills out. The flower turns upright, and the cycle continues.

The rain stops, gradually. The flower tilts, spilling some of the water. This continues until most of the weight is gone, until it’s no longer able to tilt. The clouds still hover in the air - the flower won’t dry.

As time goes on, the clouds clear up. The flower dries, but the stem is still scarred with the dent from toppling over.

Then the wind comes. It blows the flower all around, daring to pluck the flower from the ground where it lives, but it never does. The wind slows. The flower stands, reaching high for the sun. The dent prevents it from standing straight, standing tall. The flower lost a petal, preventing it from standing beautifully, standing proud.

Bees fly around the flower, looking for nectar, but they notice the dent and the missing petal, and fly away. As if on cue, the flower tips over, almost like it’s slouching over the ground. A ladybug crawls on the ground below, fluttering its wings. It flies away.

The rain starts again. So much weight upon the damaged flower’s petals. It tips over and the stem snaps. The flower lays on the muddy ground.

The rain stops but the clouds hang heavily in the sky above. The wind starts up. The flower is blown around, slamming into the tall blades of grass. The flower loses all of its petals.

The wind stops and the bees arrive, but want nothing to do with this ugly stem of a flower. The ladybug that once fluttered its wings didn’t ever show, and once the rain started back up, the muddy soil buried the stem. So much weight on the ugly, dead flower’s stem, buried deep in the muddy soil.

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