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by Nathan Heard 4 years ago in inspirational
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A Poem

I’ve been in this nest

for my whole life, I think;

my wings are stronger now,

my feathers more firm.

A fledgling, am I ready to fly

as those before me have flown?

It is what I have dreamed of,

a moment I have wanted,

longed for, for so long

and now the time has come.

Feel the hint of the breeze

tickling through my feathers

as I perch on the edge of this nest

and I know that soon the breeze

will know me, will see me for who I am

and will either carry me,

lift me up and help me soar,

or will dash me against the ground.

I do not know if my wings

are up for the task;

maybe they are still young,

but I am tired of waiting.

The time has come for me

to make myself known:

as I really am, what I stand for,

what I fly for, what I fall for.


About the author

Nathan Heard

I'm 20 years old, working on my sixth novel and publishing poetry and short stories in the meantime! nathanheardwords.com

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