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by Pink Martinez 5 years ago in surreal poetry
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No Holding Back

A fire burns within me, these flames you cannot tame

Anger is its feeding source now where to place the blame

It's all consuming it's fierce and wicked and very very mean

The hot tears begin to roll down my cheek they are nothing like they seem

All sound is lost and all of a sudden I begin to feel just numb

My common sense is yelling at me “get ur shit and run”

I suppressed this sensation that was dying for a little piece of life

My first mistake was to ignore it now it weds me as its wife

Not long ago I felt this burn and knew it waited deep down within

To acknowledge its existence would be one of my greatest sins

So I give up yes I do surrender cause I want to feel this rage

I want it to consume me and let the beast out of its cage

surreal poetry

About the author

Pink Martinez

I'm a 38 year single woman who writes from a passionate place of love and life.

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