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Five Senses...

My Sensational Poetry Challenge

By Meghan LeVaughn Published 7 months ago 1 min read
Five Senses...
Photo by Savannah Bennett on Unsplash

Five senses….

What are they?

What is it?

Why do I need it?

It's very simple…

Something that calms me down….

Something that keeps me relaxed & comfortable…

Something that makes me feel safe.

I'll give you an example—


I feel the glimmer from my hands—-

I hugged every soft toy,

I felt unusual things like sand, slime, foam, and clay,

When I feel some beautiful fabrics like velvet, I love to feel it on the tip of my fingers.


I attend a sound that I love to listen to through my ears—

I always love to hear the cicadas calling out in the summer,

same thing when the birds are singing,

and when the wind blows through the trees–I hear it.. very peacefully.


I see a picture right out of my eyes—

something looks incredibly beautiful and epic that I couldn't stop enjoying it…


I bite and nibble from my mouth–

when the chocolate melts, it's like I'm in heaven…

When it's not too spicy(maybe not too extreme)

Or not too bitter…


I scent right through my nose—

A delightful scent of coffee,

sweet of the bakery,

Filled with calmness from the lavender or even eucalyptus…

That's what the five senses are about…

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About the Creator

Meghan LeVaughn

I'm Meghan. I’m almost 35. I always love to be creative and using my imagination since I was a little girl. I like stories & love to share my inspirations, journeys, etc.



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  • Babs Iverson7 months ago

    Well done!!! 💖💖💕

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