Five Minute Love

A Sonnet

Five Minute Love
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A prosaic stripper sits next to me

(Raven is her name, at least in this game)

She says, “How would you like my dance honey?”

“Lustful and dirty,” I said with no shame.

Ten dollars I gave, her loving just raged,

her body a lust, my mind to be lost.

Pretending is the truth, the world a stage;

We destined to act, the soul is the cost.

It’s all right I say; we all have a mask

—at work, home, and in public we deceive;

And plastic smiles with hollow words we cast

To conform each other with wicked glee.

And before she flees like a sincere dove,

Our plastic smiles end our five minute love.

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Bazooka Teaches
Bazooka Teaches
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