Fire Anthology

The scourge of the south

Fire Anthology

Anthracitic ants anticipate antipathy.

A true Antediluvian antagonist, their anthoid antrum a scourge.

Using an antiquated anthelmintic,

I attempt to attack their mound;

Their antennae ever attuned,

I swear I heard a faint battle cry Anthem,

Their sudden purge resembling an anthemion.

But this is not anthropophagy,

I anthropomorphize.

Their antics are merely an antevert.

Antibiosis in the form of a nasty sting;

Not unlike an Antiar dart.

And now I am in need of an antidote or antivenin:

An antalgic antiseptic or antibiotic

To neutralize this anticly growing antefix.

And not to make an anticlimactic mountain out of an anthill:

This. Is. War.

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Packrat Poet
Packrat Poet
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