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by Bethan Hubbard 4 years ago in love poems

A Poem

Warmth flows through my veins,

And brands my skin like glitter.

Kindled by the contents of plastic cups,

A fire grows in my chest,

A dry heat.

Frozen at my tongue and teeth,

it travels from my heart

To my fingertips.

But my hand can't stretch out

My fire evades me

When your eyes look to mine.

I fill with water.

So, Ignite your lungs,

turn away,

and breathe smoke into the night.

I'll hide behind miles and glass,

to present my glowing soul.

Don't look directly,

shield your eyes,

don't go blind.

Scorns to Unlearn

Douse a home twice burned.

love poems

Bethan Hubbard

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