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Defying Peer Pressure

By Annie Amalaha Published about a month ago 1 min read
Created by DALL-E

In a group pressure can feel strong,

Pushing, pulling, all day long.

Friends may say, "Do what we do,

Follow along, it's easy to do."

But inside, a voice may speak,

Saying, "Be yourself, don't be meek."

It's hard to choose, it's hard to fight,

When peer pressure says what's wrong is right.

But listen close, to that voice inside,

It knows what's true, it's your guide.

Stand your ground, don't give in,

Being yourself is how you win.

Peer pressure tries, but you can say no,

Be strong, be brave, let your true self show.

In the end, it's what you choose to do,

Staying true to yourself, staying true to you.

Mental Health

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Annie Amalaha

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