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Always was, always will be

By James U. RizziPublished about a year ago 1 min read
Photo by Nathz Guardia on Unsplash

There we sat content and enamored

As the warriors fought and stammered

Blows of giants

Hearts of lions

Ferocity of a man possessed

There we sat completely obsessed

Who knew?

That this time we spent

What it truly meant

That i'd mimic the heros I saw on the screen

Id label it, call it my passion

Who knew that I'd fall in love?

With the sweet science

This is art this isn't violence

The internal discipline

The right to challenge and push my limits

The primal elegance

The cerebral intelligence

Who knew?

Id live in the shadows alone and afraid

Only to love fighting the rest of my days

Id groom and i'd teach

Id lend a small drip of my heart

To the ones who seem to be falling apart

Who Knew?

Pacifist to pugilist

A student of the game and a teacher just the same

Until we sat together on those wondrous days

Eye glued to the tv across the room

my life wasn't whole

I never fear the unknown

Because now i'm in control

The world is new and the days seem brighter

Regardless the circumstance

I'll always be a fighter.

performance poetry

About the Creator

James U. Rizzi

I cant wait to see what I can create here.

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