by Kiki Coll 2 years ago in love poems

Crying Heart


I am not afraid of your scars

I am not turned off by your broken pieces

I can match your imperfections against my own

I am not looking for a healer or a saint

My attraction to you was born from your rawness

Your willingness to abandon the rules we are made of

I am not interested in changing you

The foolishness of expectations is for the young of heart

We are not new to this game

We have both loved before

We know what it is to hurt

We’ve boiled an angry soul

Calmed a crying heart

Our story started when we stopped looking

When life seemed so prearranged

Your kiss is like forgiveness

Your touch like a long night’s sleep

Your gaze calms all the muddy waters of my past

I don’t need you to complete me

With you I am enough

You are enough

We are flawed

And that’s ok

I do not fear your darkness

I am comfortable in your light

There is perfection within imperfection

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