Favorite Loves

by Briana Jenkins 4 months ago in love poems

Everything she's ever loved

Favorite Loves

She loved pancakes on Sunday mornings, preferably chocolate chip.

She loved the smell, the crispness that rain left.Even more so if it was accompanied by a rainbow.

She loved the feel of silk on her skin. Especially a beautiful and traditional Ao Dai.

She loved long sips of sweet, iced tea in the summer. Tea was also swell every other season of the year.

She loved the smell of the old religion altar when she knelt to it.

She loved the purples and oranges of a sunset. Always wanting to share it with someone she loved.

She loved the four letters etched into her skin. It reminded her that there's hope in this world.

She loved the way he said her name. Especially after kissing her.

She loved his eyes because they were like Neverland. A place she never wanted to leave.

She loved his warmth, she loved his arms around her, she loved his smile, she loved the pet names he gave her, she loved the way he smelled, the way he used to look at her....she thinks she still sees it every now and then. She loves how he is never the first to let go or the way his breathing staggers around her. She loves him...holy shit she loves him.

She loved grey skies, the ones with fog and drizzle.

She loved the sound of piano keys and violin strings. They were some of the most beautiful sounds she has heard.

She loved to dance in the rain. The way the droplets fell on her skin made her feel free.

She loved falling asleep.

She loved the color blue.

She loved.

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Briana Jenkins
Briana Jenkins
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