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Fated Love - Part 3

by Imabong Faminu 2 months ago in sad poetry
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A Love Assailed

Fated Love - Part 3
Photo by Milan Popovic on Unsplash

The battle grew fiercer when a child stood between There was more to protect than just our love The sick evil thought to possess and own Through the usual devious tricks and lies Threats and wicked deeds; schemes and wiles

A father’s protection and a mother’s fierce love Thus enraged ensured a battle royale A fight to the death to protect and free That the child remained free of the evil’s grasp

We thought we had made it and won our happily ever after But the sickness of evil would not let rest Burning with hate, he played his last devious card Leaving us but one excruciating choice Consume the sick evil in his own trap Parting us forever and eternal by a grave of fire

© Faminu Imabong, 2022

For Nihan and Kemal Inspired by the Turkish drama series, Kara Sevda

sad poetry

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Imabong Faminu

I write poems about life & love. I write about movies & other things. Want to know more about my work? Click link below for more info


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